Mrunal was sitting alone in the coffee shop. Stirring sugar in her cup, she stirred thoughts in her head too. Despite being people around & music being played in one corner, the place always cleared her head. Whether it was the ambiance or the aroma of freshly brewed coffee, she escaped to a much calmer world while being there.

It was raining that day. She stared blankly at the board outside that read the name of the coffee shop in fancy fonts. The voice in her head was louder than the sound the stirring spoon made every time it struck the cup. “Why Shishir wasn’t here?”, she thought to herself. The urge to find the answer to this question made her forget to take even the first sip of her coffee.
Mrunal loved Shishir. Amidst the most ugliest turmoil of his life, Shishir reciprocated. The duo had seen their share of ups & down in just a matter of one year. Mrunal believed that troubled times don’t last long & never gave up. The problems & challenges that life threw at Shishir, one after the other, drained both of them. Mrunal knew his hardships and never bothered him with her problems. Shishir liked Mrunal’s childish side, and that was how she always remained with him, just to see him happy.

For Shishir, Mrunal was a blessing. A few good things he found while losing everything in his life and she was one of them. But his problems always consumed him. He expressed less of his feelings. Mrunal knew he wasn’t doing this on purpose, but his emotional unavailability left her alone every time. She wondered if Shishir knew about this. Things improved as per her hopes, just that they didn’t stayed that way for long.

The cold breeze from outside flipped the pages of the novel Mrunal picked before but forgot to read. The fluttering did little to distract her. “We are not on the same page”, she thought to herself. That one crippling thought finally stopped her from stirring the cup. The thought that their story might end soon, atleast for one of them.

By the time she decided to leave, it had stopped raining. The moist in her eye, however, didn’t let her notice it much. The attendant at the coffee shop saw her leaving but didn’t say a word. He just stared at her in amazement. Afterall, what sort of a person leaves without drinking the coffee after paying for it!

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