It was a long ago.

As I sit here grieving & you lying in my arms, all silent & still, the pleasant memories of our togetherness has started to haunt me.

Seven years ago, when we met through our mutual friend, it was love at first sight. Teenage love is crazy. Sparks flew & soon we were that couple anybody would get jealous of. Our romance was short-lived but intense. I remember how I used to drool over your curves. Like aroma of an incense-stick, the passion in our romance spread in the air, during our meetings in that lonely corner of your room. I can’t forget that newborn-like smoothness of your skin that intoxicated me every time I touched you. You made one of the most melodious symphonies when my fingers tickled & played with your beautiful body colored in an amazing proportion of black & white. The world around us both envied & enjoyed our shameless love-making.

My parents were never against our relationship, but they were concerned about my studies. They disapproved our meetings that were longer than the usual. Like every other parent, they wanted me to devote my time in increasing my grades rather than spending it with you. I cried, I protested but it was all in vain. I finally had to break-up with you. I tried to convince you & my heart. You remained silent, away from my reach for the first time, silently accepting our fate.

Time flew away & I grew up, now a pro at living without you. Grades hardly changed, but I surely did. And my love too. You remained same all this while. Trapped in those walls & waiting to be freed. Maybe it was your true love that made me look for you after seven years of separation. I knew where you were. But the state I found you in made me realize my cold-heartedness & ignorance towards you. I don’t know whether it was my guilt or the rekindled flame of our love, that made me try to fix you, but all I wanted was to hear you again.

One by one, I desperately tried to blow away those thick layers of dust that covered you, & clogged my memories. You tried to create the melody on my touch but choked. You sounded harsh, but it was like you were collecting all the strength only for this moment.
That repairman tried everything, but little did he know that my piano was waiting for me, her long-lost lover, to come back so that it may die happily her embrace.

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