A Loose Thread.

The waves washed Darshika’s feet as she stood on the beach watching the sunset. Though the sight gave her immense pleasure, yet she missed the evenings that were spent at home. A drop of tear trickled down her cheeks & fell in the waves that came ashore. Life was just the same to her now. All the silent complaints she made didn’t reach to God & got lost in the midway, just like her tears were lost in the sea. But pain made her try again & again.

“Darshika Madam, it’s time.”, the nurse said from behind, bringing Darshika back from her thoughts to reality.

“Yeah, I’ll be there in a while.”, she said.

Picking up her guitar, she followed the nurse silently to a house nearby. The nurse left as they reached the main gates of the house. Darshika rang the doorbell. “Mr. & Mrs. Amit Joshi”, the nameplate above the switch read. A man came to the gates.

“Yes? Who are you?”, he asked.

“I am Darshika. I was called to play some music for someone named Amit Joshi.”

“Oh yes, yes. Please come inside.” Said the man unlocking the gates. “I am Amit Joshi. Thankyou for coming.”

“Yeah. Thanks.”, said Darshika in a low voice.

Amit, on the other hand was loud & happy. He took out chairs in the verandah for both of them & asked Darshika to wait there comfortably while he brings her water and something to eat. “That isn’t needed. I am fine, really.”, Darshika insisted. But Amit didn’t listen.

She saw him rushing towards the kitchen. Putting her guitar aside, Darshika leaned back on the chair. She felt exhausted, even without doing any work. She blamed her emotions for draining her this way. Tired, she closed her eyes. Amit saw her from the kitchen. “She seems sad. Yet she looks so beautiful. I have never seen anyone like her before.”, he thought to himself. But he immediately felt guilty for thinking about her this way. “Behave yourself, Amit. Just behave.”, he scolded himself.

“You seem tired. Here, have water.”, Amit said to Darshika, while adjusting his chair. “No. I am not tired. But yeah, I was feeling thirsty anyway. thanks.”, Darshika said, as she opened her eyes. She gulped down the glass in one breath. Amit sensed her uneasiness. “We can do this tomorrow, if you are not well today.”, he said. But Darshika was already strumming her guitar by then. John Mayer was her favourite. She sang all his songs, playing guitar along with it, with utter perfection. Amit enjoyed her singing, and was amazed at how well she played. “She looks more beautiful while singing.”, he thought to himself. As soon she finished, Amit clapped for her. “You’re phenomenal. You have a beautiful voice. I haven’t heard anyone sing this way before.”, he gushed, keeping a check on his thoughts. He started to like her, but didn’t want to make her uncomfortable by telling her so.

Darshika smiled a bit. “Thankyou. I am glad you liked it.”, she said, putting her guitar aside. As she reached for another glass of water, Amit tried to strike a conversation with her. “What do you do for living, Darshika?”, he asked.

“Oh, I am a music teacher. I run my own music school.”, she replied humbly.

“That’s great. You must be having a lot of students then?”

“Quite a lot. Yes.”

Darshika planned to leave as early as she could, but enjoyed talking to Amit. By the time the clock struckĀ 8, they both knew about each other’s hobbies, jobs, favourite music & movies, food, families, and everything under the sky. Darshika loved Amit’s sense of humour, and the gentleman he was and Amit loved to make her laugh. The way she flipped her hair behind her ear while laughing made him ask her out on a date.

“So can I take you out for a coffee?”, he asked.

“Well. I don’t mind a cup.”, she smiled.

Amit couldn’t take his eyes off her this time. Darshika blushed. Amit wanted to seal the moment with kiss, but checked his thoughts. It was time for Darshika to leave. They both decided the time for meeting the next day, and took each other’s number. “Call me after reaching home.”, he said while seeing Darshika off at the gates. Darshika left with a nod and a smile.

Amit started missing her as soon he went inside but the wait was inevitable. The thought of meeting her the next day brought smile to his face. he was having his dinner when the nurse came with his medicines. Though he hated to have medicines, but that day was different. Lost in Darshika’s thoughts, he had all his medicines without saying a word to the nurse. He felt stupid for smiling continuously, but went to bed with happiest thoughts.

Darshika came back to the beach again. She sat in a cafe nearby, & looked at the sea. She felt more tired than before. Too much patience took a toll on her, and she broke down. The nurse came from behind & touched her shoulder. “Don’t lose hope, madam. Hell be better. Alzheimer’s may not be cured completely, but can be controlled with time. I have seen other patients getting better. Have faith, madam.”, she reassured Darshika.

Darshika didn’t say a word. She knew there is a lot she is yet to see. She tried to calm herself while the nurse gave her the bills of all the medicines purchased that day. She kept the copy and signed the bill as “Mrs. Darshika Amit Joshi.”

Darshika was again at Amit’s house the next day, at the same time in the evening. She rang the doorbell. Amit came to the gates.

“Yes? Who are you?”, he asked.

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