The Walls. 

A cold and rainy breeze hitted Manaswi’s face as she took the first sip of her morning coffee by the window of her bedroom. Her calm face expressed her love for coffee, and how much she enjoyed having Matinal over the Classic one. Her morning routine was hectic but these few minutes spent with a […]

A Loose Thread.

The waves washed Darshika’s feet as she stood on the beach watching the sunset. Though the sight gave her immense pleasure, yet she missed the evenings that were spent at home. A drop of tear trickled down her cheeks & fell in the waves that came ashore. Life was just the same to her now. […]

Come back to me.

Let go of the past, and the hurt it caused forgive yourself not everything is lost. The castle of your dream remains unbuilt free yourself now from this guilt. This distance maybe choking but my feelings are still alive this storm will pass over I promise you the sunshine. I can’t see you hurting, I […]